Life certificate

Recipients of a regular compensation pension receive a life certificate form from their compensation authorities once a year. This pension recipient must have this life cer-tificate certified by the local stipulated approved agency and send it back to the com-pensation authorities responsible for him within the given time limit.

These forms are sent out by the various compensation authorities at different times. The Landesamt für Finanzen, Amt für Wiedergutmachung, Germany, sends out these forms at the following times:

For pension recipients with principal domicile indatelimit
Israelnot applicablenot applicable
Germany End Oktober31st December of the year
Remaining countries abroad except Germany and IsraelEnd May / early June30th September of the year


Should you not receive a form on a given occasion you can either approach the compensation authorities or download the appropriate application form from this Internet page.

Please note: The form must be correctly completed and the certified original is to be sent to the compensation authorities. It will not suffice to send by email or fax!