BEG - Cures

To be understood under a cure is the use of the generally location bound natural healing means which are supported, planned and provided under medical supervision based on great medical experience. A pure stay for relaxation is not a cure in this sense. Such cures should not be a rest cure but rather more be exercise cures which will put the person in need of a cure in the position to stand up to the stresses and strains of daily life.

A cure can be approved in the form of the cure taken in a spa hospital or sanatorium or as free healing cure.

Taking a cure calls for the previous agreement bof the compensation authorities.

The application is to be made directly to the compensation authorities using the official cure application form.

For claimants in Israel the application is to be submitted through the Office for Personal Compensation from Abroad – OPC – in Tel Aviv. Here a special applica-tion form is made directly available by OPC.

Basic condition for approval of a cure is that it is necessary for the treatment of rec-ognised infliction as a result of persecution. This presupposes that the infliction to be treated has been treated without or not with adequate success and that the aimed at successful treatment by taking the cure could not be achieved by another means of treatment. As a consequence the cure is not generally necessary as a rule when ill health as a result of persecution has not been adequately treated by general practi-tioners or specialists or when the same successful treatment can be achieved through local medical treatment.

Furthermore, a basic condition is that the claimant is capable of taking a cure. This is not the case more especially when the state of health puts the success of the cure in question (for example, suppurative teeth or antral sinusitis, decompensation phe-nomenon on heart or circulation, malignant tumours and running high temperatures). Moreover, the claimant must have sufficient strength to withstand the stress of travel-ling to and from the place of treatment and during the stay and can withstand the cure treatment given.

The duration of the cure is according to the recognised balneotherapeutical principles in the country where the claimant is resident and generally is for a period of three weeks. As a matter of principle the cure is to be taken in the country of residence of the person concerned. As general rule a repeated cure can be taken at the earliest in the next but one year after the previous cure.