BEG - Travel costs for accompanying person

Travel costs can be reimbursed, should the use of public transport be necessary for health treatment. Subject to reimbursement are the travel costs in the lowest class of carriages in public transport as a general rule as well as day and overnight expenses, if applicable. In detail this is laid down under the reimbursement ruling in accordance with § 8 of the Federal German Health Treatment Ordinance.

The travel costs for an accompanying person will be reimbursed should accompanying the patient be necessary according to a medical assessment. In this case, as a matter of principle, only those costs will be reimbursed which are incurred in the case of immediate return of the accompanying person. In exceptional cases the necessary and reasonable accommodation costs can be reimbursed to the amount of a daily cost rate for accommodation and food.

Costs for an accompanying person during a stay at a health spa can only be reim-bursed should the persecuted person be physically in need of such assistance and this calls for an accompanying person despite the services provided to him or her at the health spa during the entire cure treatment period and this need cannot be cov-ered in another way.

The costs are to be made valid together with the costs for the health treatment by submitting the original invoices and documents. In so far as previous agreement of the compensation authorities is necessary for such health treatment (cures), application is also to be made for previous agreement for assuming the costs for an accompanying person.