BEG - Health care

Contrary to the regulated health treatment laid down in § 30 Federal German Restitution Law [BEG] for inflictions caused by persecution, the nosotrophy concerns the medical treatment of illnesses independent of persecution. In so far nosot-rophy is to be understood as supplementary treatment to health care, which can be compared with first aid with an aim to provide comprehensive health service under health welfare.

The claim is linked according to § 141a ff. Federal German Restitution Law [BEG] to provide first aid or regular pension payments for damage to life, physical injury or ill health and is only granted for as long as the persecuted person has his/her principal domicile or is staying permanently in the Federal Republic of Germany. Nosotrophy is stopped when the regular pension payments are stopped (an exception to this is when also first aid services had been granted at the given time) or when the person moves his principal domicile or continuous residence outside the Federal Republic of Germany.

The extent of nosotrophy is oriented in accordance with § 141c Federal German Res-titution Law [BEG] on the extent of the benefits provided by state health insurances. Accordingly also the general local health insurance companies are deemed to provide the health service in accordance with the Federal German Restitution Law [BEG] as laid down under §§ 227a ff. Federal German Restitution Law [BEG]. The costs incurred in this case are carried by the Federal Germany Government and the states under diverse restitution benefit schemes.

Please refer to the responsible compensation authorities should you have any questions as to reasons for filing claims or what costs are involved in this respect.